5 Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working

Once a heating system is older, it starts experiencing several issues. For example, it may consume more energy or operate improperly. Such issues should not be taken lightly, and you should seek the services of companies that provide heating repair in Yuma, AZ. They can diagnose that why your heater not working and ensure that your device functions correctly.

5 Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working Poor maintenance is among the most common causes of a poorly functioning heating system. For example, the blower, vents, and ducts become clogged with dirt if they’re not maintained. In this case, the furnace won’t perform as efficiently as it should—schedule annual tune-ups with your HVAC contractor to prevent this problem. 

Intricate pieces of equipment are prone to frequent malfunctions and repairs, regardless of how much they cost or what their makers claim. However, repairs can be less frequent if an annual maintenance schedule is maintained. You can plan this with the help of a furnace repair in Yuma, AZ.

Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working

Thermostat Malfunction

  • A malfunctioning thermostat might cause an unexpected spike in your utility bills.
  • In a perfect world, your thermostat would be replaced by a programmable one when it breaks down. You can control the temperature by programmable thermostat according to your convenience, reducing your utility bills.

The Refrigerant Level is Low

  • A significant spike in utility bills is observed when your heat pump’s refrigerant level drops. If the level remains low for a long time, the setup’s compressor will start to overheat. Failure results from overheating.
  • In this case, all that is needed is to recharge your refrigerant with the support of a licensed HVAC technician dealing with heating repair.

The Ductwork is Poorly Designed

  • If your ductwork is poorly designed, your heating system may face a short cycle. Faulty ductwork is usually to blame when the heater fails to work correctly. 
  • Professional HVAC technicians must complete a ductwork redesign to resolve this problem.

Concerns Regarding Maintenance

  • A heating system should be maintained at least twice a year. Keeping them in good condition can prevent untimely breakdowns or unwanted sounds.
  •  The system may be less efficient if the air filters aren’t clean. It is essential to change the air filters every three months. 
  • A lack of maintenance can also cause a dirty flame sensor. This makes it difficult to light the burner. When the flame sensor is dirty, it can’t detect the flame burning, thus cutting off the working. 
  • Call a technician for furnace repair, and ensure your system is maintained and tuned up to avoid these issues.

Blower Capacitor Failed 

  • The blower capacitor starts the furnace as the furnace is instructed to start by the thermostat. Capacitors differ in their tolerance levels. The blower cannot achieve the appropriate RPM if this level is lowered.
  • The blower will not start when the capacitor fails, and the heater will not radiate heat. It can be resolved by replacing the capacitor with a new one.

The following are the five most common problems you may encounter with your heater. Visit our website for more information about how Rapid Air LLC can assist you with your heating services in Yuma, AZ.