7 Important Signs that Suggest Your AC Needs a Repair

7 Important Signs that Suggest Your AC Needs a Repair

It is sometimes difficult to know when you need to call for an AC repair in Yuma, AZ until your system stops working. However, there are a few signs to look out for that suggest it is time to call for a repair.

Signs That Suggest Your AC Needs a Repair

Here are a few signs that suggest your system needs a repair:

Frequent cycles

Your AC flows on a continuous cycle, where it receives commands from the thermostat and when to turn on and off, to keep your home at a particular temperature. While it is normal for this cycle to be more constant during summer, if you notice the cycle starting and stopping frequently, then it is time to call for a repair.

High Utility Bill

Summer months are the time when you will notice an increase in your utility bill due to the air conditioner being on. However, if you notice a sudden spike in the bill, then there is possibly a problem with the system’s efficiency. This has caused it to require more power to function properly.

Strange Sounds

7 Important Signs that Suggest Your AC Needs a Repair Strange sounds like clicking or banging noises also suggest that there is a problem with your AC unit. These sounds are often related to internal parts both coming loose and banging against each other, or parts being jammed and scratching against each other.

If not seen too quickly, it could cause further damage to the parts, resulting in a replacement.

Restricted Airflow

This occurs when the system’s air filter hasn’t been changed regularly. It causes the filters to clog up with dirt and pollen, preventing proper airflow into the room. This results in your room taking a long time to cool down. The best thing to do is call for an AC service in Yuma, AZ, to help clean or change the filter.

Foul Odor

There are times when weird smells begin to emit from your air conditioner. Depending on the situation and smell, it could mean that there is mold growing inside your system or that there are loose wires that might be burning. Considering how harmful these can be to one’s health, it is best to have it seen and fixed immediately.

High Humidity

Another one of the uses of an AC is to help monitor the humidity level within your home. If you begin to feel sticky indoors, regardless of having the AC switched on, then there might be a problem with the unit. This suggests that the system isn’t able to regulate and maintain the humidity level within your home.

Liquid Pooling Under Your System

If you notice liquid pooling under or around your system, then it is important to call for a repair immediately. While it is possible for the liquid to be water, it is also possible for it to be refrigerant. Refrigerant is the cooling aid for your system and low levels of it can cause your system to perform poorly.

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