9 Tips To Ensure Your Furnace Is Fully Efficient This Winter

9 Tips To Ensure Your Furnace Is Fully Efficient This Winter

Ensure your HVAC system is ready for the winter by ensuring maintenance through a regular heating repair in Yuma, AZ. Maintaining your furnace in the early fall or even towards the end of the summer will ensure it runs smoothly throughout winter. 

As the fall season approaches and crisp mornings give way to frosty ones, it may be challenging to arrange furnace maintenance and repairs at furnace service. The last thing you need is a central heating breakdown amid a chilly winter night. If your heating system breaks down regularly, you can consider the new heating installation in Yuma, AZ.

Tips To Ensure Your Furnace Is Fully Efficient

Hence given below are 9 tips to make sure your furnace is winter-ready and performing at its best:

Take A Look At The Thermostat

Fine-tuning your system may probably be necessary when moving from cooling to heating. Set your thermostat to heat, then gradually raise it a few degrees above the current room temperature.

If you examine your thermostat and system before the winter begins, you have a better chance of getting the problems corrected.

Change The Filter You’re Using

At the absolute least, your HVAC filters should be replaced once a month. So if winter is approaching, now is an excellent time to replace it.

Clean And Vacuum Your Heat Exchanger

Clean and vacuum your heat exchanger in time for the winter brush, or get a professional to do it for you. This simple treatment may extend the life of your furnace and improve its efficiency.

Protect The Outdoor Air Conditioning Condenser

If you have a heat pump, you may skip this step. However, if your home has a furnace, the chilly winter months are the perfect time to go outdoors and maintain your AC condenser. Instead of using a plastic sheet, cover the condenser fan with a wood board.

Make An Appointment For A Furnace Check

To prepare for the winter, contact your local HVAC professionals to schedule a furnace inspection. This check should disclose any potential future damage or problems, enabling you to deal with them right now.

Check Your Vents

Before winter arrives, clean and dust all of your vents and registers. A clean vent allows warm air to flow into your home, allowing your furnace to operate at maximum efficiency.

Take A Close Look At The Igniter Switch

The pilot light on an older gas furnace may need to be re-ignited. Electronic igniter systems are employed in current furnaces, and they are usually started by pressing a button.

Get Your Home Ready

You’ll need to prepare your home for the next severe winter months in addition to furnace service in Yuma, AZ. Replace any worn weather-stripping and thoroughly seal all windows and doors, looking for any cracks.

On Oil Furnaces, Change The Oil Filter And Fill The Tank

If you have an oil-burning furnace, you’ll need to change the oil filter and burner nozzle, as well as refill the tank. In addition, oil burns less effectively and leaves more residue in the heat exchanger; oil-burning furnaces need more frequent repair and cleaning than gas-burning furnaces.

To guarantee that you have peace of mind over the winter, schedule a professional furnace inspection at any furnace service. When you arrange furnace repair in Yuma, AZ, with us via Rapid Air LLC, you’ll get a discount on your annual furnace tune-up. In addition, platinum Shield members may be eligible for a complimentary tune-up as well! Visit our official website or call at (928) 329-7070.