A Simple Guide To Turning On Your Furnace Pilot Light

A Simple Guide To Turning On Your Furnace Pilot Light

In this fast-paced world where technology is advancing rapidly, HVAC Systems have become increasingly popular and necessary. Nearly everyone needs a heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, most of the customers do not know how to Ignite the furnace pilot light. 

You won’t need to light the furnace pilot light very often, but you’ll want to prepare in case the need comes up. As long as you comprehend the steps, you should have no trouble lighting the furnace, and you & your family will soon be warm and comfortable. If your furnace not working properly, then hire experts for furnace repair in Yuma, AZ.

A Guide To Lighting A Furnace Pilot Light

The following steps can be followed:

Check Your Furnace’s Instruction Label

There are labels on every furnace that will tell you how to turn on the pilot light. In contrast, customers are prone to being ignorant regarding labels caused by darkness or difficulty in reading. 

Don’t avoid the labels and read them carefully to comprehend the instructions mentioned there.

Identify the Components and the Pilot Light

A switch on the bottom of your furnace indicates when the pilot is on or off. Once you’ve located the switch, please turn it off and wait at least five minutes. A gas has a long dissipation time, which is essential for preventing fires from forming. You will likely find the reset button near the power off button. Could you pay attention to where it is located?

Switch on the Pilot Light

You can turn on the pilot light after some time has passed, and the gas has dissipated. Place a long lighter flame close to the pilot light opening while holding the reset button. If you release pressure on the reset button, ensure that the pilot light is on and that the furnace has been reset. In case of any problems, contact experts for heating repair in Yuma, AZ

Things To Note While Learning How To Light A Pilot Light

  • Even though you have followed the above steps carefully and the pilot light has not turned on even after releasing the reset button, there is probably something wrong with your finance system. This would benefit if you had it checked by a finance professional. Call a professional for furnace service in Yuma, AZ.
  • Never try to light the furnace if you have not turned them off, as excess gas can damage your house and even cause injury.
  • Unless you are entirely familiar with your furnace system, do not try to repair the furnace yourself other than the pilot light. 
  • Always use a long match with a long lighter to keep the distance between you and the igniting pilot light. If you do not have one, you can roll a piece of paper between you and the burning pilot light.

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