Check These Points If Your Heating Appliance Does Not Turn On

Check These Points If Your Heating Appliance Does Not Turn On

A furnace that does not start working when you need it to can be a major disruption. You may think you should contact a technician for heating repair if your furnace does not turn on, though it’s possible that a minor issue is stopping your furnace from turning on.

If you detect and fix that issue, you can save yourself from a repair job bill. Here are some common reasons why your furnace does not turn on. Ensure none of them is causing your furnace to stop working:

Below Are Some Points To Check If Your Heating system Not Turn On

Less maintenance

All HVAC appliances require annual maintenance jobs to maintain their efficiencies, and the same goes for heating systems. If you did not schedule a timely maintenance job for your furnace or delayed it, your furnace may not work due to less efficiency and increasing internal issues. Contact a technician for heating services in Yuma, AZ, for maintenance.

Improper calibration

Different furnaces burn different amounts of gas while working. Manufacturers fix the amount of gas their furnace models will burn for a comfortable temperature. Owners have to calibrate their systems to regulate gas consumption. If a furnace burns more gas than it should, it may shut down for safety reasons.

Capacitor issues

You may have heard that a capacitor is necessary for a furnace. A capacitor provides the initial kick to your thermostat to start working. If it malfunctions, your thermostat will not start working, and your furnace will not generate heat. Contact a technician for furnace repair in Yuma, AZ, to repair the capacitor before the problem grows complex.

Inadequate refrigerant

If you use a heat pump as your heating system, it may not start working if the refrigerant levels are insufficient. As you know, refrigerant is important in both heating and cooling. If the levels are lower than needed, it will not absorb cold, and your home will not be at the right temperature.

Malfunctioning components

Heating systems frequently face damage due to the presence of numerous appliances. Heat pumps have several components that work simultaneously to heat or cool your home. If your heat pump does not start working, you should contact a technician for heating repair in Yuma, AZ, instead of trying DIY methods.

A malfunctioning draft inducer

The work of a draft inducer is to remove excess gas from the heat exchanger to begin a new cycle. Dirt and dust can damage the draft inducer, forcing the excess gas to stay there, and the new cycle will not begin. Clean the draft inducer and the whole system to avoid damage due to dust.

A cracked heat exchanger

One of the biggest issues with a cracked heat exchanger is a high chance of carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas for humans. Moreover, if the heat exchanger faces too much damage, it will reduce the efficiency of your system, leading to failures. Contact a technician for heating services, to replace a damaged heat exchanger.

Ductwork issues

Ducts carry the hot air from the heating appliance to other parts of your home. If the ducts have leakages, hot air will escape through them, and your furnace will have to work extra. This extra work can cause more wear and tear damage to the system, leading to severe damage and an inevitable temporary breakdown. Check your ducts for leakages and seal them.


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