Furnace Noises That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Furnace Noises That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Heating systems, particularly older types, create a lot of noise while operating. Minor sounds from the ductwork and the buzzing of the furnace while the blower runs are typical sounds. 

However, if the noises you hear are keeping you awake at night, it indicates that you require a furnace repair in Yuma, AZ. Ignoring these furnace noises would be a significant mistake because whatever is generating them could lead to even more expensive repairs (or replacement) down the road.

Types Of Furnace Noises You Should Never Overlook

Below are some of the heating noises that you should never ignore. 

Scratching (Metal Grinding Metal) Is A Loud Sound

A loud scratching noise that sounds like metal rubbing metal or claws scratching a chalkboard typically implies something is amiss with the furnace blower wheel. 

It indicates that the blower wheel has dislodged itself from the motor shaft and is currently colliding with the blower housing. Thus, if you hear a scratching noise, immediately switch off your furnace and contact a professional for assistance. An expert can quickly adjust the wheel if the wheel or axle is not damaged.

When The Furnace Turns On, There Is A Loud Bang Or Pop.

The dirt on the furnace burners prevents them from igniting, resulting in a buildup of gas. When this happens, you will hear a huge bang when the gas finally ignites. 

This noise should never get ignored since minor explosions might cause the heat exchanger to shatter (which will be expensive to repair). Moreover, you can avoid this problem by performing routine heating repair in Yuma, AZ before the heating season begins.

Also, for residents with metal ducts, this is a typical noise. As the blower turns on and off, the ducts expand and shrink. Undersized ducts, closed vents, fragile ducts, or a dirty filter could all be; to blame. In addition, your machine may get hampered by clogged air filters. 

Whining Or Screeching Noise

The following causes a high-pitched screaming noise:

  • Loose blower belt, sliding, or frayed (should be adjusted by a technician or replaced if fraying)
  • Oil-lubricated shaft bearings. A technician must lubricate the lubrication ports on both ends of the heating shaft with lightweight oil. 

This screaming or whining noise isn’t as bothersome as the others mentioned above, but it should get addressed before it creates further problems inside your furnace. Also, an annual furnace repair visit during the winters can help prevent the belt from becoming too slack or under-lubricated parts.

As so many things may go wrong with a gas furnace, this is only a partial list of what could be making noise. Even if the weird noise is tiny right now, you should have it looked out because it could become a much significant problem in the future. Therefore, we can say that it is better that you never neglect such issues and call experts immediately. 

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