Is It Time To Repair Your AC? 3 Alerts You Must Pay Attention To

Is It Time To Repair Your AC? 3 Alerts You Must Pay Attention To

Is It Time To Repair Your AC? 3 Alerts You Must Pay Attention To Yuma, Arizona, can be very unforgiving during the summer, which results in many depending on ACs to get through from June to August. Since this area is plagued by temperatures that go up to a whopping 90-degree Fahrenheit for the majority of the year, owning an AC becomes a need rather than a want.

Therefore, if these units do break down or are less efficient than before, that means your AC needs repair, so call for the AC repair in Yuma, AZ.

3 Signs You Need To Repair Your AC

Therefore, instead of waiting for the unit to fail, one can look for the following three signs:

Increased Dirt Indoors

AC is generally known for more than just its cooling abilities. They are a source of refuge for people suffering from Hay fever and tend to keep the house free from minute dust particles as well. The reason for this is that these units possess filters capable of removing dirt or allergens present in the air.

However, in case the air present inside the room starts to feel less clean, it can be because of a dirty air filter. Other reasons for dirt coming indoors can be dirty ducts. However, the most common cause for dirty air filters is because the AC may be aged and requiring a tune-up. 

Higher Utility Bills

As the unit ages, the overall efficiency of the AC decreases. The most common is the increase in the number of cooling cycles and a leaking refrigerant. In the first case, the AC will no longer cool a room after running for close to 30 minutes. This is an instant red flag that requires looking into

 In addition to this, a typical AC will also have compartments holding a particular kind of fluid. The fluid known as a refrigerant is held inside a copper coil compartment. However, in older ACs, there is a chance that the refrigerant is slowly escaping through certain openings in the compartments. A decreased refrigerant will mean less efficiency, which in turn increases utility bills. In that case, you need AC companies in Yuma, AZ.

Blaring Noises

Noises are one of the most evident signs that show that the AC requires repairing. The types of sounds coming out of a unit can range from banging to chattering. In some cases, it may even release a screeching sound. In this case, the AC unit will be passed the stage of repairs and will require a complete replacement. 

The banging and clunking sound coming out of the unit is because of a component that may be out of balance. Components like compressors, indoor blowers or outdoor fans may have come loose. A buzzing sound could point to a host of problems like dirty filters, loose fan blades, and more. There are many more sounds that could mean a range of problems and be identified by a technician.

In all the above cases, the signs point to the fact that the unit is no longer functioning as well as it was. Therefore, one will have to hire AC repair services to restore normal functioning. One can obtain AC service in Yuma, AZ, from Rapid Air, LLC by calling (928) 329-7070 or email us at [email protected].