Tips to Prevent a Furnace Breakdown This Winter

Tips to Prevent a Furnace Breakdown This Winter

The arid lands of the Arizona desert are mostly warm and dry, and Yuma is one of the hottest cities in America. People of Yuma have very much adapted to the peaking temperatures, and hence when winter is about to hit, we know it is time to turn on the furnaces at homes and enjoy the warmth and the cozy comfort. In these happy and festive times, when furnace breakdown, it can be very distressing.

To avoid furnace breakdown, it is necessary to look after the furnace regularly. Calling technicians regularly and availing furnace service in Yuma, AZ, on time not only prevents an expensive replacement but also saves you a lot of cleaning.

Tips to Prevent a Furnace Breakdown This Winter

Though HVAC companies give you regular maintenance and repair services, it does get costly and messy at times. You, a furnace owner, can also do basic maintenance regularly. Most of the people find the system too complicated and hence avoid doing the tasks themselves.

However, a simple understanding of the components and their functions can enable the owners to work around the machine confidently.

Basic Functioning of Furnace:

Whether you have an electric furnace or a gas furnace, the basic functioning remains the same. Modern home furnaces come with a thermostat for automatic temperature regulation. Here is how the basic functioning works:

  • The user sets a temperature point. When the temperature falls below that point, the furnace automatically starts functioning by fueling the burners.
  • Once there is a flame on the burners, the furnace starts to force heating the air around.
  • The outside cold air is pulled in, and the burners heat this outside air.
  • The air that the system pulls in undergoes a filtration process to have fresh and clean indoor air quality.
  • The blowers start releasing the warm air. This warm air is distributed evenly in the house through the ducts constructed during installation. In modern homes, the heat ducts are connected to the AC ducts to avoid extra construction.

The above process talks about components that significantly contribute to heating the air. Looking after these parts is essential to extend the system’s lifespan. Not maintaining your furnace regularly can lead to costly heating repair in Yuma, AZ.


Filters are installed at the return duct, and their maintenance is crucial for heat circulation and good indoor air quality. They block dust, bacteria, and debris and hence often get blocked. You can take out the filters and clean them regularly or get them changed.


The blower is a fan located near the filter that sends the heated air into the ducts. A broken blower starts making sounds that indicate the problem, such as broken metal parts, loose fan, and others. It comprises different components that require regular attention. Oiling the wheel ensures smooth functioning.

Vents and Ducts

Vents and ducts are responsible for the passage of the warm air and reach the indoors. Ducts carry the warm air that gets released out from vents. Ducts often get blocked by dust, debris, and one can also have a broken duct. Blocked vents cause problems in the air circulation and put pressure on the system. Thus, one must keep checking for blocked vents and broken ducts and keep cleaning them regularly. This will help you to prevent from furnace breakdown.

You can maintain the system by a simple cleaning and checking for broken parts at home at a basic level. You will require professional help for servicing and repairs. If you’re facing problems regularly with your furnace, then you should consider getting a new heating installation in Yuma, AZ.

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