What If Your AC Trips Your Circuit Breaker?

What If Your AC Trips Your Circuit Breaker?

An AC Circuit Breaker is a safety switch that protects your equipment from damage caused by energy fluctuation or overload of the circuits. The AC tripping over the circuit is the last thing you want to experience in the hot summer. It’s necessary to take action quickly to fix this issue. Rapid Air LLC is one of the most reliable AC companies in Yuma, AZ, and surrounding areas and is here to assist you with service and repairs. Here are a few steps you should follow when your AC trips your circuit breaker:

  1. Turn off the AC: If your circuit breaker trips, ensure that your AC is powered off and is unplugged. Determine which switch has been tripped and reset it if it is safe for you to reach the electrical panel. However, you should only attempt this if you have sufficient knowledge. If your AC unit is still on and the breaker trips again, call us at Rapid Air LLC for professional AC repair in Yuma, AZ.
  2. Check your circuit breaker and reset it if necessary: When AC trips your circuit breaker, you will need to inspect it and reset it if necessary. You can either look for the switch that has been turned off, or you can look for the fuse that has been blown. Once you identify the tripped breaker, you can reset it by flipping the switch back on or replacing the fuse.
  3. Examine for blockages around your AC unit: Any blockages around your AC unit can cause the AC to work harder than usual, which can trip the circuit breaker. Ensure no obstructions are blocking the airflow around your AC unit, and try turning it on again.
  4. Unplug any appliances that may be causing the problem: If your AC trips the circuit breaker, it could be caused by an overloaded circuit or a power surge from another appliance. If possible, unplug any significant appliances that consume a lot of power at the time and check if the circuit breaker still trips. Doing this can help you narrow down what is causing the problem with your AC. If the air conditioner isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional. Rapid Air LLC is here to help with any AC services in Yuma, AZ. Contact us today for a free estimate!
  5. Call an experienced professional: If your AC is not operating efficiently, consulting with an experienced professional and seeking details regarding the issue is the best alternative. Rapid Air LLC is a reliable and trustworthy company you can lean on for comprehensive air conditioning services.

Don’t ignore the problem if your AC trips your circuit breaker. Taking quick action can help prevent further damage to your unit and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer!

Common Causes Of AC Tripping The Circuit Breaker:

  • Loose or damaged circuit breaker
  • Under-sized breaker or wire
  • Any mechanical issue

Rapid Air LLC is a locally owned company that can help you quickly get your AC up and running. We offer 24/7 emergency service to help you when you need it most. Call us at (928) 329-7070, and let us help you get your AC back up and running.